This is a HTML 5 Web app that I designed and made a rough working prototype for some time ago. In the end we decided not to go ahead and develop it much further than this protype stage.

To me it was a fantastic concept on two separate fronts, firstly using the latest advances of HTML 5 web apps over the native experience and breaking the shackles of the various app stores. Reducing development time and ensuring users are always using the most update version of your app.

The second and best thing about the app was that it was appealed to a wide user group, it provided a service that was needed and for free. It allowed people to share their location across most of the social platforms including tagging the service of tract and trail. growing awareness of a new Outdoor Adventure company. Also it used geo location to advertise local services ( Restaurants, B&B’s etc).

It had a lot of potential and I think there is still a huge gap in the market for this kind of service offering something extra than Foursquare like trails routes.


I really enjoyed the technical and creative process behind it all and it confirmed for me that when done correctly the importance of bring digital and social sharing services to your clients both existing and potential.

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