Super Easy Brioche Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

Brioche Cinnamon French Toast

It’s a Saturday morning, I’ve just had breakfast and putting together this super easy recipe for Brioche Cinnamon French Toast.

Ingredients for Brioche French Toast
Very little needed for this Classic breakfast.

Lads this is one to impress the other half and it could not be any easier ( It’s also just as nice to make for yourself or anyone else for that matter).

There is very little by way of special ingredients for this so it’s easy make on a whim or if you are buying everything at once it is pretty cheap. If you can’t get Brioche you can use any loaf or bread, a day or two older is even better. I used Challah bread I had left over which is very similar to Brioche. Here is what you will need for two large portions for two people.


  • Loaf or Brioche or any other loaf of bread you have to hand, a day or two old is best. Two slices per person.
  • 3 medium eggs, get the freshest ones you can. (~1.5 eggs per person if scaling recipe up)
  • 1/2 tea spoon of cinnamon per egg used.
  • 120 ml of fresh milk (40 ml of milk per egg used)
  • Knob of butter to cook
  • Icing sugar / golden syrup / maple syrup / crispy bacon or what ever you want to serve.

How to put it all together


Ingredients for Brioche French Toast
Use a bowl or what ever is to hand.

In a bowl / large glass beat the eggs with a fork then add in the milk and beat some more. Once that is done put the cinnamon in. If you want it perfect and lump free mix in a little bit at a time but as I’m lazy and like the extra intense taste cinnamon lumps I bung it all in at once.  It wouldn’t look pretty but don;t let that worry you.

Challah bread for brioche french toast
Some left over home made Challah bread

Cut two slices of bread per person but don’t be tempted to cut them too thick. For all you hipster types think of just a little thicker than your iPhone should be about right. Get a tray / Dish / What ever you have and pour your egg mix into it, then place slices of bread into it. You can do these in batches so don’t stress about not having something big enough.

Sliced Challah for Brioche French toast.
Don’t slice the bread too thick.
Brioche soaking in egg mix for french toast
Use what ever you have to soak your bread in.

Give the bread five minutes or so to soak up the egg mixture and then flip it over, it won;t take as long to the second side.

Soaking the second side for the bread for Brioche french toast
Don;t let the bread soak for too long or it will get too soggy.

Now is where it all happens, if you are having coffee with your breakfast now is the time to start brewing as your Brioch Cinnamon French Toast will be ready to eat in five minutes. Get your best frying pan and bring it to a medium heat and put a knob of butter on it.

Butter in frying pan for french toast
What size is a knob of butter, who knows? This much?

Keep an eye on the butter and don;t let it burn, it will be at the right temperature to cook when it’s white and frothy, kinda like this.

Butter at correct temp for Brioche French Toast
It should look kinda like this.

Depending on the size of your pan place the egg mix soaked bread into the pan and cook until golden brown on both sides.

Cook Brioche French Toast until golden brown on both sides
Be careful not to over cook it

When done, sprinkle with icing sugar, serve, instagram and enjoy.

Brioche French Toast.
It doesn’t look like much but tastes oh so good.


Of course I feel extra smug because I made this using left over bread I had baked myself and the eggs were from our own hens. But do’t let any of that put you off, hit up the shops and treat yourself to a very quick and very taste breakfast.

If you do happen to make this or have any suggestions I’d love to hear them so please do comment below or catch me on twitter @adrianshanahan .


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