The humble boiled egg

When was the last time you had a boiled egg, or more to the point when did you last appreciate a simple boiled egg?

An egg from one of our own hens.
An egg from one of our own hens.

If like me you tweet a bit or use Instagram you regularly get treated to all kinds breakfast extravaganza each weekend, be it eggs Benedict on sour dough bread with west Cork bacon, a side of organic mushrooms from places like the amazing Liberty Grill in Cork or the home of the middle classes Avoca all washed down with fair trade coffee of course.

These days we are regularly spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing food, but with all this indulgence are we missing out one something? When was the last time you sat down and had enjoyed the simplicity that is a boiled egg?

Be it a hard or soft boiled (who in their right mind prefers hard boiled eggs?), when served with a little bit of salt and a twist of black pepper and a side of toast covered in real butter it truly is the food of kings and peasants alike.

Why not treat yourself to a bit of retro awesomeness this weekend and get have a boiled egg for breakfast. I think it’s fair to say that not all eggs are created equally, we have all heard of the battery chicken horror stories. When we go to the super markets we are confronted with a barrage of options  be is free range, organic, farm fresh ,etc. They all have their pros and cons and at some stage I’ve bought every kind.

To be perfectly honest I don’t really think I can taste the difference between free range and non free range from the super market. When it comes to experiencing egg perfection for me the one thing that really matters is freshness, often when you buy eggs in the shop are up to a week old when first put on the shelf. If you can get to someone who keeps hens or a farmers market when you can get eggs that are only a day or two old you will be in for a treat.

Some of our eggs from yesterday

It’s hard to put into words exactly what the difference is but trust me even to the most rustic of pallets like my own the difference staggering.

Go on give it a go!

(On a side note you have no idea how hard it was to write this without filling it with egg puns.)
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  1. January 14, 2013

    Hi Adrian! I couldn’t help but leave a comment about one of my favourite things… Eggs! I’m a bit nuts about them and absolutely agree with you that nothing beats a super fresh, soft, boiled egg with a nice bit of buttered toast on the side. And yep, if you can get them just a couple of days old the difference is all to obvious. I have a boiled egg for breakfast about 3 or 4 times a week. Next step – my own chickens in the backyard!

    • January 15, 2013

      To be honest it was a blog post of utter nonsense, but since we keep a few hens we are over run with eggs most of the time so it’s fair to say I’ve eggs on the brain.

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