Some nice home cooking this evening – Cottage Pie


I really am going to get around to posting some recipes on my blog here, but until then here is just an idea of something that fits the current weather and fast approaching winter months.

Cottage pie is easy make super tasty and you can make a few portions at a time and it freezes really well. I served ours this evening with creamed spinach and a side of carrot & parsnip mash ( with some fresh coriander to lift it a little bit).

I’m far from a food Nazi but there is allot to be said to having a supper like this which is totally from scratch and no artificial packet sauces or the lime in it. In fairness that’s not always easy to manage but there is a certain sense if smugness that comes when you do.

I’d say it takes less than 45 minutes to put this all together and well worth the wee bit of effort. Proper recipe for this and other stuff coming real soon.

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