The real winners of #ge11 are Vincent Browne & TV3! #vinb #tv3

Since the before last December Vincent Browne’s show which unless you were living under a rock for the last few months air late nights Monday – Friday on Irish station TV3. Tv3 is Ireland’s first commercial TV station that was not publicly funded. For lots of folks myself included “Tonight with Vincent Browne” or #vinb as it is possibly better known these days was something we watched every now and again again to see who Vincent the auld Jack Russel that he is was tearing into next.

But as November came to a close and the Irish Government was looking like it might collapse at any stage something really interesting started to happen in on the show and how it and social media found that perfect spot and the first sparks of the wild fire the ensued were started.

#vinb and his production team found the instructions to the Twitter machine and the Irish Twitterati jumped on board to play their part. These aren’t an exact break down in figures but before December it would have had somewhere 120,000 viewers but in the following weeks things started to get really interesting. Before the budget it was 180,000 ish, but as we hit General Election fever the show was getting up on 300,000 viewers.

For a show to come close on tripling its figures in such a short space of time is an astronomical achievement and the team out in Ballymount should be massively proud on what they have managed. Sure there are times when the blue screen virtual set would make you feel like the back of your eyes are burning, there were others when it seemed like they just booked guests who were lambs to the slaughter for #vinb to shout down. Few as fantastic as Joan Burton and her performance.

Vincent can even lay claim and would be fairly correct that the Taoiseach Elect Enda Kenny is afraid of him, lets hope the EU / IMF don’t hire #vinb to negotiate with Enda on their behalf or it will be curtains for us all.

Bringing Mario Rosenstock into the fray was a fantastic move and the fact #vinb seemed to be in on the joke and laugh about it himself made it even better. I can’t praise all those behind the show and the guests who made it all happen enough, they made all this happen with out the massive favoritism and funding the RTE benefit from and got the whole country talking.

So while they are still recounting votes in Galway there is one thing for sure Tonight with Vincent Browne won the coverage of the drama of #ge11 hands down,



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